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How Sell Fast Arkansas works

We buy Arkansas properties fast AS-IS in 3 simplified steps.        NO COMMISSIONS. NO REALTORS. NO STRESS. It’s that simple.



    We buy any home in ANY CONDITION in Arkansas. Get a reasonable cash offer at no cost! Fill out the simple online form below or call us at (501) 550-5090.

    How Our Home Buying Process Works

    how we buy houses step 1

    Contact us and send your property details.

    how we buy houses step 2

    Schedule a meeting at any time of YOUR CHOOSING.

    how we buy houses step 3

    We’ll draft a fair,  no-obligation offer.

    how we buy houses step 4
    If you accept, we’ll close in 7 days and you get paid. 

    Here’s what to expect and when: You can get a reasonable cash offer 24 hours after sending us your property details. Most times, we provide a cash offer within 8 minutes! Also, you need to send us clear pictures that depict the current condition of your property to better inform our decisions. We strive to fast-track the closing immediately you accept our offer. As a result, you will get your cash in 3 to 30 days.

    sold a house the easy way

    Selling Your Arkansas House Doesn't Get Easier.

    Irrespective of the location and conditions, we buy houses across the state of Arkansas. Unlike realtors, we don’t list our properties via multiple listing services. Instead, we are the actual buyers of your home. We pay cash, so the process is direct and drives a quick close. You’ll get your cash offer without commission or obligation. This implies you don’t have to expend extra costs while dealing with us. 

    The highlight of selling to us? We accept your property as is. Don’t make any repairs– don’t clean or attempt to polish for viewings. We’d love to take it off your hands even when your property is distressed, whether from flood damage, fire damage, or other conditions.

    How Do We Purchase Houses Quickly?

    Our home-buying process is in four simple stages. First, contact us and send your house info. Then, after analyzing your property’s market value, we’ll send you an offer. Obtaining a quote from us is that easy! 

    We buy Arkansas houses and pay 100% cash. No repairs, no cost attached, no real estate agents.  You probably have a slew of companies promising to buy your house quickly! Out of confusion, you wonder why you should opt for Sell Fast Arkansas.  We’d understand if you have some questions about our home buying method.  That’s expected– especially since you are trying to make such a delicate decision. As a result, we have answered the most common FAQ questions below.

    Here are some FAQs

    Discover answers to additional questions here.

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    How Can I Sell My Arkansas House Fast For Cash?

    “Sell my house fast” may seem like a laborious request. But our procedure is a game-changer. In about 14 days, you can sell your house for cash! Curious about how it works? Here’s a simplified explanation of our procedure. 

    Check out this simplified explanation of our procedure. 

    That’s all the nitty gritty of getting a cash offer!

    how we buy houses

    What Do We Consider When Buying A House?

    We built our team of proactive and experienced investors who understand how to prepare a competitive offer based on your home’s value. We also endeavor to achieve the perfect result in a period while still giving the best possible offer. We know that your property is vital to you. Hence, we negotiate based on your needs which may include:

    Your need drives our final cash offer. We understand that Arkansas properties differ. So, we’ll tailor our cash offer to suit your house condition or needs. Our determining factors include the style, condition, and location.

    How We Calculate A Cash Offer

    Selling your house in Arkansas steers several concerns. Particularly the amount you will get from a sale. It’s usual to wonder how much cash you’ll get for your house. So, let’s walk you through the methods we use in calculating our cash offer. You’ll also discover how much we can buy your Arkansas house. 

    Our Ultimate Home Buying Formula For Cash Offer

    We pride ourselves on accuracy. Hence, we have the perfect formula to whip up an accurate cash offer. Now, let’s check out our cash offer formula. 




    If you aren’t familiar with this term, it means After Repair Value. The ARV of a property means the estimated market value of the house after all repairs have been made. House flippers gauge the cost of a renovated home with the ARV. 


    Determining the repairs a house requires isn’t as easy as it seems. The renovation of a house is entirely subjective. You can’t be sure of  all the repairs a home requires until renovations are over. For instance, we may discover a faulty foundation while upgrading the flooring. Or sight the traces of bad plumbing while fixing a defective kitchen sink. As a result, we inspect a property thoroughly before buying to make a well informed offer and reduce our risk. In extreme cases,  we make allowances for new repairs yet to be discovered. 


    The total transaction cost would be 15% of the total cost. Transaction costs are of various kinds. For instance, we pay our lender about 2-5% of the total renovations as loan fees. The transaction cost also includes closing cost and the realtor’s charge.


    As expected, we need profits to support our marketing efforts and families. Even though we don’t have a fixed profit margin,  we target a 15% profit. We are prone to some risks like an unexpected expense eroding our gains that’s why we strive to be cautious. We can also work with a 10% profit whenever we exceed our budget. The repair estimate isn’t always 100% accurate, but we can make extra sacrifices with our 15% profit.  


    Our minimum profit and transaction cost amounts to about 30%. So, we achieve an accurate quote with this formula: ARV– 30% – Repairs = your cash offer. You can trust that we have no surprises up our sleeves. We never go back on our promise. Sell your house to an investor (us), and you’ll get a reasonable cash for your house. No low-ball offers; always a fair value.

    We bet you are eager to see what we offer for your home…

    What Factors Are Considered For A Cash Offer?

    How Long Does The Whole Process Take?

    Want to sell your house for cash fast? We close quickly! We have a proactive team that strives to envisage and resolve all potential issues. Sell your home for cash in record time!

    Your acceptance triggers us to start working toward closing your deal at the fastest time possible. First, we’ll acquire all the property details requested by the title organization. We are also sensitive to any concerns that may cause delays at this stage. We resolve such problems immediately.

    A trusted title organization will examine the transferability and validity of your property title. We resolve any problem with the title during this process. We conduct any property inspections and acquire funding. Our contractors and a few partners may also inspect the house at this stage. 

    Finally, your favorite part of the deal! we close, and you will have your real cash in your hands! The whole process of selling your home might last for seven days. However, if we encounter any issues with the property title, it could last for ten days or more.

    Our “sell my house fast” Arkansas team is one call away! Want a fast cash offer? Contact us today.